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Detention hours may have been assigned to students by school staff for various infractions of school policies.  Hours may also be auto-assigned to students based on attendance issues (such as: 15 minutes detention per tardy, 1 hour detention per class missed, or 4 hours detention for missing multiple classes, leaving early without permission, or arriving to school significantly late). 
Please note that hours accumulate from year to year, so, hours may have rolled over from the previous school year(s) as well.  

How many demerits do I have?


  • Log in to your student Aeries account

    • Select “guidance”

    • Select “demerits” - the number listed in demerits is the number of detention hours owed.  For example: “3.5” would mean 3 ½ hours of detention owed.


How do I clear my demerits?


  • After School Detention (Tues/Thurs)

    • Tues/Thurs 2:40-3:10pm or 3:40-3:55pm

    • Room #121 (credit 2 demerits)  

  • Before School Detention (Wednesdays)

    • Physical activity for demerits!  Come walk, jog, or run the track for clearing demerits.  Meet at the Foothill track off of Dodge Ave. near the Event Center.  You are welcome to bring earbuds for music, but phones are to remain in your pocket.  Don’t be late!  Meet directly on the track to sign in.

    • Wednesday Late Start days 7:45-8:15am, or 8:20-8:50am or 8:55-9:25am

(credit 2 demerits per 30 minutes served) 

  • Campus Beautification (Mon, Wed, Fri)

    • Mon/Fri at 11:45am or Wed at 12:20pm

    • Meet a campus supervisor at the podium near the front office. (credit 1 demerit)

  • Saturday School

    • Select Saturdays available; see your counselor if you qualify for Saturday School Credit Recovery.  (credit 8 demerits)

    • No upcoming dates scheduled for 23/24 school year at this time.  Stay tuned…

  • Online

    • Visit the following for more info: 

    • While some online courses take 1 hour to complete and some take several hours to complete, ALL online Everfi courses will receive a credit of 4 demerits.  

  • Other ways?  

    • Volunteering in the community!  This requires prior approval from the discipline office, see Mrs. Bonilla for more information.


Notes:  Students must show ID to enter detention and sign in on the sheet • On time, no exceptions • Students must be engaged in academic work while using the laptops • No cell phones, no earphones, no hoods • No talking, no sleeping, no exceptions • Students are subject to removal from any detention session for any disruptive or non-compliant behavior • Students will not earn partial hours for needing to be removed early or leaving early.