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Steps after Applying to College

1.     Constantly be checking your email mailbox
a.    Check your email to make sure that the university did in fact receive your application! All schools will email you a confirmation receipt
i.   The confirmation receipt will have instructions on student portals (if the university uses it) with your username and password
ii.   IF ADDITIONAL INFO / DOCUMENTATION  IS NEEDED- Each university is different in how they will contact you. Contact could be made through email, student portals, or mail! Be sure to see what your university selects!
2.    Complete FAFSA / CA Dream Act
a.    Make sure your FAFSA / CA Dream Act is complete
i. Corrections can always be made to FAFSA if needed
3.    DOUBLE check if your official transcript is needed
a.    Most universities do not require an official transcript (except for out of state) until you commit to the school, HOWEVER, universities may request it earlier! This request can be found by either checking your student portal, email, or mail!
b.    To send your official transcript
4.    AGAIN - Check your emails weekly!
a.    Whether it be through your student portal or your email, check weekly to make sure nothing is requested or missing!
b.    Get in the habit of checking your resources because this is how universities / professors will stay in contact with you while in college!
5.    Are you wanting to submit your SAT score?
a.    IF you are wanting to submit your SAT score, you can do so through Collegeboard. Make sure you submit it ASAP! Collegeboard link:
Please note: this is OPTIONAL!
6.    Come March - It’s go time!
a.    If you applied for regular decision deadlines - You will start to see acceptance letters come in sometime the second week of March (this will be done through mail or your student portal - MOST times through the student portal)
b.    May 1st is the decision deadline for MOST universities
7.     Do you want to submit your AP scores?
a.    Once you have committed to a school and you want that university to have your scores, please login to collegeboard to send off your scores!