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Cal Grant

Senior Knights!

TUSD will submit your GPA to Cal Grant electronically. There is no need for a GPA Verification form to be filled out.

If you wish to opt out of the GPA submission and do not want federal or state financial assistance for college, your parent needs to go into their Aeries Parent Portal to opt out. In the parent portal, under the Student Info tab, click on Data Confirmation. Then go to the Authorizations page. Scroll down to the Financial Aid Opt Out box and select it. Your GPA will not be sent to Cal Grant.

Before you fill out your FAFSA or Cal Grant application, check to make sure that we have the same name, address and email in AERIES that you intend to use on your applications. DO NOT USE YOUR MYTUSD.ORG EMAIL ADDRESS. If you need to make a change please visit Mrs. Haidar in room 303 or email it to her at

Then, complete your FAFSA application and Cal Grant. Please login to WebGrants to check the status of your Cal Grant application.

If there are errors or you have received a message that requires action, please see Ms. Haidar or your counselor in the office.