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FHS Clubs

Club Rush in the Quad

Ace Badminton Club The Ace Badminton Club is meant to be a place for students to have an opportunity to find others who share their interest in playing badminton. This club also provides a way for people to get involved in recreational fitness and release stress. Emma Johnson Gary Fishel
Asia Rising The Asia Rising club aims to be a place for students to engage with the Asian community, learning about the diverse cultures within the ethnicity itself. We strive to normalize activities that are integral to Asian cultures on a regular basis and educate students about the reasons behind these practices, all while enjoying the process. Our goal is to inspire and encourage students to embrace their Asian heritage, creating a safe space for them to explore new experiences and gain insights into various cultures.
Ricky Poulsen Heather Kim
AVID Club The purpose of the AVID Club is to encourage students all academic year long and assist them in choosing a course of study after high school. Additionally, it was made to inform students about volunteer opportunities, deadlines for college applications, and other pertinent information. Overall, its a secure environment for students to share concerns about the future and ask questions while providing support as they navigate the college application process. Brianna Zapien Kim Dang
Beach Volleyball Club The Beach Volleyball Club is a club centered around the learning of beach volleyball, this history of the sport, community building, and learning the makings of great athletes. It seeks to bring together people of all skillsets, gender, ethnicity and background to increase companionship Wyatt Pearson Katie Goto
Blankets for Buddies The purpose of this club is to create small toys and blankets for the animals at the OC animal shelter. Mattea Eleshio Joy Kim
Book Buddies Our purpose is to foster and grow the love for reading and books in a large school community both academically and for pleasure. Hannah Le Vince Namba
California Scholarship Federation (CSF) The purpose of the California Scholarship Federation is to encourage academically motivated students to become active in and to offer assistance to their community. Each semester, members participate in a club-organized service project for a different group in Orange County. The motto of the California Scholarship Federation is “Scholarship for Service”. Nicholas Ho Christine Ivory
CASA OC Club Our Club supports the non-profit CASA, which stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates. We indirectly support Foster Youth, by helping set up events, making gifts, and overall creating a fun environment for them. We are a philanthropic club, meaning our members will get hours for participating in our events and activities. Isabella Ledford Emily Phillips
Chess Club The Chess Club’s purpose is to provide a place for any chess player at Foothill to play against their fellow students, as well as to teach people a game that historically has been known to improve memory, problem-solving skills, and patience. Richard Loewe Chanderika Subherwal
Club S.H.O.C.K Students for Hospitalized Orange County Kids is designed to serve oc children in medical need. We host events such as toy drives, as well as arts and crafts that we give back to the kids. Our mission is to light up the lives of young patients. Joscelyn Ramos Kendra Fisher
Club SOAR Our purpose is to meet specific needs within the community by assisting Foothill students and families with financial challenges, specifically around holidays. McKenna Adams Theresa Duran
Compass Christian Club The Compass Christian Club is designed to give students a more indepth way to study the Bible at school. Sofia Schrader Danielle Saul
Creative Writing Club To provide a place for Foothill students to grow as creative writers. Allowing them to practice in an environment that will hold them accountable, and gain inspiration though the sharing of work. Olivia Jennings Brianna Manasas
Ethan and Choco’s Book Club (ECBC) ECBC is derived from the nonprofit of the same name, whose purpose is to make access to books and reading part of the care kids receive at CHOC Children’s Hospital. ECBC will be dedicating itself to fundraising for the purchase of books for CHOC Hospital, in addition to contributing to the organizational aspects of the nonprofit. Maddy Posner Lily Womack Williams
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) FCA is designed to be a place for students to come and hear the message of the gospel and share it throughout campus, athletics and outside of school. We work to uplift and support our community with fellow believers on campus. Presley Hanlen Sharon Kendall
First Generation First Generation is the club for older siblings or an only child being the first to graduate and maybe struggling on how to apply for colleges, how to pay for school, and know if they need financial aid and any other important information. Katelyn Garzon Katie Goto
Foothill Fishing Club The purpose of the Club is to promote interest in fishing, educate members about various fishing techniques, conservation practices, and responsible outdoor recreation, and to provide opportunities for social interaction among students who share a passion for fishing. Gavin Kelley Christine Ivory
French Club We would like to help the students at Foothill experience a real French zeal! Wyatt Back Samantha Stein
Friday Night Live The purpose to Friday night live club is to raise awareness of substance abuse and learning other ways to cope with things than going towards alcohol or drug use. The programs provide young people with the skills, support, opportunities, and competencies they need to become healthy, productive adults. Belinda Navarrete Danielle Saul
Futures and Currency Trading The ‘Futures and Currency Trading Club’ aims to provide members with resources, tools, and strategies to understand and navigate the world of financial trading. Through this club, we aspire to educate students on the means to generate additional income. This could be pivotal in endeavors such as alleviating individual college debt, securing funds for a first car, or investing in one's personal growth, financial literacy, and management. Gianni DiLalla Tamara Randall
Game Design Club The purpose of this club is to have students make game(s) on a professional level over the course of a school year. Neil Ketteringham Matt Goto
Got Your Back Uganda Got Your Back Uganda was created to help raise awareness and supply for the kids and teens in Uganda. Our club specifically allows our members to connect with kids and teens in Uganda to form a friendship that will stick with each other forever. We advocate to bring each other up even from thousands of miles away in order to give supplies and an education to those who are in need. Lauren Mendez Justin Lewis
GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) To create a safe, loving space in which anyone is free to join and feel welcome. Danielle Thomasson Brianna Manasas
Hidden In Plain Sight This club allows an opportunity for students to learn about Human Trafficking in the community. It aims to raise awareness regarding the issue and its connection with the Foster Care System. Ruby Reynaud Samantha Stein
JustServe Our purpose is to be an influence for good in the community through meaningful service. We lift, help and serve others while building bridges with other community service organizations through and mobile app. This includes reaching out to other clubs to suggest service projects they can engage in. While serving others, we encourage members to support each other and connect. Talon Christensen Jason Falkin
Key Club Key Club is an inclusive, international student-led organization that provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership. Minhthu To Trevor Hershberger
Kids ♡ Crafts To expand the love and connection between kids and teenagers. The purpose of this club is to bring people together. Bonding with kids and showing them peace within crafts. Yaretzy ( Michelle ) Enciso Kendra Fisher
Knit and Crochet club The knit and crochet club's purpose is to teach students how to knit or crochet or be a place for people who already know how to knit, crochet, or do both to be able to teach others. Elyse Ibbetson Samantha Stein
Maxlove Club The Maxlove club is designed to raise awareness and support for children and families facing childhood cancers, rare pediatric dieses and chronic hospitalizations as well as promote a healthy lifestyle within recovery.  In addition, the purpose of bringing this club to Foothill is involving students in their community and giving them an opportunity to not only volunteer but contribute to a great cause which will help so many families in Tustin and beyond.  The Maxlove club teams up with the Maxlove foundation and junior board in order to raise funds and volunteer at events throughout the year such as the pickleball tournament, and the farm to fork farm walk. Harley Schade Ashley Londo
MESA MESA is a club designed to bring the small (and
shared) cultural community we have at
Foothill High School together. Coming together
with people of the same backgrounds to share
experiences, celebrate important cultural
dates, and find a stronger sense of each of our
Anarghya Umesh Joy Kim
Miracles for Kids Miracles for Kids is a non-profit organization based in Southern California. The organization  provides financial aid, health, wellness and advocacy services to families of children with chronic illnesses such as cancer, blood-based diseases, organ diseases/defects, and orphan diseases. The purpose of our high school chapter is to spread awareness of this amazing charity and provide support to this organization in aiding fundraisers, putting on events, creating care packages, collecting donations and helping families. Aaliyah Fortes Joy Kim
Mountain Biking Club Mountain Biking Club is a place for all students who love and who want to love mountain biking. The Mountain Biking Club is a place for everyone at any skill level to participate and learn about mountain biking and mountain bike culture. Hayden Lively Sharon Kendall
Muslim Student Association The Muslim Student Association will help create a community of Muslim students at Foothill, by holding weekly prayers as well as attending volunteering events. More information can be found here: Zayd Khan John Myung
My Heart Beats For Noah The MyHeartBeatsForNoah Club is designed to donate to families with critical heart children and CHOC Children’s Hospital. The goal is to fundraise money to buy toys for the CHD (critical heart defect) families/children and the CHOC hospital. Emma Connally Sean Connally
National Honors Society (NHS) The purpose of NHS is to offer students that have both strong academics as well as good leadership to hone their skills and allow them to give back to their community. Akil Nafi Maria Pineda
Neuroscience Club The Neuroscience Club will provide students with the opportunity to explore neuroscience, meet with professionals in their respective fields to discuss potential career paths, and support local fundraising efforts in relation to neuroscience. Kiara Eng Joy Kim
Operation Be Kind Operation Be Kind was created to spread kindness to the community through volunteer work. We want to be the reason people smile who undergo hardships, health problems, or just someone who needs kindness in their life. We want to inspire and encourage people to be kind and compassionate to everybody. I am hoping to create a new chapter of this organization to make a difference at Foothill and the rest of my community. Michael Bold Andrew Bowen
Orphanage Assistance Fund The Orphanage Assistance Fund at Foothill is part of a larger organization that partners itself with high-schools across Southern California on a mission to raise funds for orphanages across the world that may need our help. This club at Foothill is another chapter which promises to dedicate whatever time and resources we have to help The Orphanage Assistance Fund with its mission. Alexander Phan Jason Paul
Philosophy and Debate The Philosophy and Debate Club is designed to help students stimulate their critical thinking and engage them in thought-provoking discussions with peers. It is meant to create friendships through amicable debates on relevant issues as well as more comedic questions. Sara Farnoush Lily Womack-Williams
Political Crisis Club Our purpose is to practice and emulate real-world systems to learn about international politics Morgan Gomez Erica Furniss
Pre-Med Club The Pre-med Club is intended to educate those who are interested in going pre-med in college and to also provide opportunities to those who are curious in the medical field. Nathan Sotelo Joy Kim
Project 7 Bible Club P7 is a national organization that reaches out to middle and high school students all over the country, teaching the Acts 2:38 gospel and creating inseparable bonds between members that will last for life. Sophia Iberri Joy Kim
Project Greater Green The Project Greater Green club’s purpose is to help maintain OC Park trails and raise money for the organization. We’re working independently from OC Parks, but plan to use their volunteer system. Allie Norwood Jason Falkin
Rotary International: Interact Club The goal of the Rotary International: Interact Club is to develop leadership skills, give back to the community, and interact with other high school students in District 5320 and around the world through Rotary sponsored events such as district conferences and international projects, as well as volunteer events. Zion Choi Stephen Bell
Science Olympiad The purpose of the Science Olympiad as a club is to unite and prepare ourselves for the Science Olympiad Competition that takes place in February at UCI. We spend our meetings and personal time planning for the competition, making teams, and preparing in order to score as high as we can, hopefully to win a medal. The team spends time researching new scientific ideas that they are unfamiliar with, furthering their search for new knowledge on topics they already enjoy. Akil Nafi Paul Roundy
Smile Train Club The Smile Train Club’s purpose is to spread awareness about cleft lip and palate, fundraise and allow students to participate in meaningful projects for the Smile Train organization. Brianna Mun Christine Ivory
Snowsports Club Unite the skiers and snowboarders of foothill Alex Balian Katie Montgomery
Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica (Spanish Honor Society) The purpose of the SHH is to recognize and appreciate students enrolled in Spanish and further promote the study and appreciation of the Spanish language and culture. Julia Cervantez Jazmin Zelaya
SOFA- Students of Fine Art (Formerly the FHS Art Club) SOFA aims to be an Artist Group that will bring together visual artists at Foothill High School. Cecelia Di Schino Jeanette Crow
Stopping Fast Fashion: Thrifting and Upcycling Club To educate individuals about the negative effects of Fast Fashion and how they can help the environment by practicing things like thrifting and upcycling. Amanda Donoghue Joy Kim
Stress Less Club The Stress Less Club is all about learning how to decrease stress and live healthier lives. We will focus on good time management and taking time for yourself to relax. We will also invite all members to monthly outings to destress (hikes, picnics, etc.). Oliver Tesch Chanderika Subherwal
Student Activists Club The purpose of this club shall be to foster discussion and action concerning prominent social issues, to encourage diverse viewpoints in order to help widen others’ horizons, and to promote acceptance of all identities. This club shall aim to participate in social action in order to provide students with an opportunity to get involved in their communities. Leah Green Lily Womack Williams
Surfrider Club The purpose of Surfrider is to motivate our Foothill students to protect our oceans and take action. Brinley O'Neill Emily Phillips
Theater Club I want to create a space where people who enjoy theater, specifically musicals, can come and learn, play, and talk about their passions. It's for everyone, whether you are very passionate about it, or you want to be a part of a fun club and learn something that you might be unfamiliar with or want to learn more about. I know that we have a drama class, but as someone who took it for two years, we don't ever talk about musicals and I would like to be able to bring together a community that would like to be apart of something like this. This is also for those who are unable to take the drama class either due to having too many classes or conflicts with scheduling and such. Kayleigh Wilson Samantha Stein
TPSF Teens TPSF Teens is for the purpose of assisting the Tustin Public Schools Foundation in making the Tustin community and school system a better place Janvi Kamdar Sharon Kendall
Vocal Music Club Vocal Music Club allows students to learn about vocal music, especially if their class schedule does not allow for choir. Abigail Tweedt Chelsea Dehn
VSA VSA is an inclusive, student-led club who's main purpose is to spread Vietnamese culture. Minhthu To Joy Kim
Y.ES FHS - Young Entrepreneurs Society Bring together the future entrepreneurs of Foothill! Alex Balian Joy Kim
YBS (Young Black Scholars) To give community for the black students at FHS Lucy McKinney Mr. Bonds
Younglife Club The purpose of our club is to create a safe environment for any and all students at foothill. A place where everyone can come together as a youth group to feel welcomed and accepted.  Bode Jellerson Jason Jellerson