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New Student Q & A

How do I find the Aeries portal on my laptop?
On the left hand side, click on the TUSD bell icon.  Then, click on the: A      
How do I find my Gmail on my laptop?
On the left hand side, click on the TUSD bell icon.  Then click on the: G and login.
How do I log in to the Aeries Parent/Student Portal and other applications?
Instruction are available under the Families & Community tab on the FHS website, click on: Technology
What is my class schedule?
Log in to the Aeries Parent/Student Portal.
Under the Classes tab, look at Classes      
What if I can't see my classes listed?
Uncheck the following box: View only Current Term
If you still can't see all of your classes,
Uncheck the following box: Today

What do I do if I'm unable to get into  my computer?
Let's troubleshoot.
1. Are you connected to your home wifi network?
2. Are you using your password formatted like this? tusd+your long id   example: tusd123456789
3. If all else fails, restart. In the lower left corner, click on the window pane icon. Click on the power icon and then click on: Restart 
When your login screen reappears, login.
If you are still unable to login, go to the Library when you are at school.
How do I know what time my classes start?
Click here to view the Bell Schedule. 
Is tutoring available?
Tutoring starts in September.
For tutoring information, click here 

What is Schoology and how do we access it?
Schoology is where all of your course content will be stored. Click on the Schoology icon on your laptop Home screen. Use your mytusd login credentials. Classes will automatically populate for each individual student.         
Are there parent accounts for Schoology?
Yes. Parents will have the ability to create a Schoology account linked to their student. Click here for more information.
How do I get laptop insurance?
Click here and click on: Device Insurance